Friday, June 11, 2010


 Another funny car driver was killed today in Englishtown at the Supernationals.  The cause of death was listed as "head injury".  When is NHRA and IHRA going to stop allowing/mandating that roll cages be built right beside your head.  When your head whipps and thrashes around in a crash, it can contact a roll cage member.  Now if this happens, it's like being struck by a pipe or a baseball bat.  There should be no way that your head (from any angle) should be able to contact any roll cage member or support bar.  Next time you watch a NASCAR race, try to find a steel roll bar support anywhere close to the driver's head (you won't find one).  They need to make the cages wider and deeper to eliminate the chance of driver contact.  John Force has already changed his cages/chassis, but not enough for me. 

Wade Mahaffey    

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  1. I have been lobbying for 30 years to correct the violations in the roll cage configuration used in police cars. Many times officers die while waiting to be 'cut out' of a crumpled cruiser. Many die because they remain in a burning cruiser. Why? The cage rendered them unconscious.
    Steve Crowell