Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brandywine VFD

Open House @ Brandywine VFD

Had a good time with these young people as part of the open house.  I gave them all a copy of my fire safety handout, and hopefully they will never have to use the information inside.  But it is very nice to know what to do in an emergency situation.  Anyway, thank you to Mike Lantz for the invitation, and to all of the members of the Brandywine Volunteer Fire Department for their service to the community. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

SOMD news article

On Wed. 10/13 I got together with Chris Basham and Reid Silvermman to do a news paper article on myself.  I thought it was going to be about my safety programs for kids, but not sure now.  Anyway, it should appear on news stands wed the 20th.  We did alot of on the road in-traffic shots, Reid Silverman is very good behind the camera.  I took both for a ride to get them in the zone, hopefully it will add to the flavor of the article. 

East Coast drag Times Hall of Fame @ Henderson, NC

 It was standing room only for about a mile in the streets of Henderson.  Thousands of spectators flooded the town to the point that you could not see the hundreds of cars on display.  There were two stages with live bands (complete with the horn sections) and one large DJ trailer and all were playing that Carolina beach shag music.  The show focused on historic drag cars, drivers, and personalities.  Added to that were hundreds of show cars from all over the region.  Mrs. Nancy Wilson is the producer/director for the annual event.  Officials seal off the main drag thru town (Garnett St.) for the festivities.  Covering the event was the crew from SPEED-HD TV's "My Classic Car" with host Dennis Gage.  Later on in the evening, after the crowds died down, something was brewing.  Dennis and Nancy were preparing to do a lead-in interview for the story, and they wanted a car for the back drop.  Guess who's car they picked..... They got in the car and mic'd up for sound, even switched seats half way thru.....So we will have a cameo in an upcomming episode that is to air around Feb 2011 according to the crew. Wow!  

Friday, October 1, 2010

Solomans Island is about to get serious

Derek, Hope and I were out and about cruisin on a Friday evening, and came upon this......WOW!  The big off shore racers are in town on 10/2-10/3.  The engineering and fabrication was unreal, and these things are LARGE