Monday, August 23, 2010

Mahaffey honored ODS 50 years

Old Diminion Speedway, The oldest Drag Strip in the Eastern United States.  They had the "fifty years of cars and stars" vol. III last weekend.  I was presented with this award and couldn't believe the company I was in.  These folks were Drag Racing history, and I did not belong.  Some of these folks were racing when I was in a little kid.  Many thanks to the Gore family and the selection commitee.  I have'nt felt that special in a long time!

Mahaffey Cold-Shot Race Chiller

Mahaffey Cold-Shot Race Chillers are built for Norm Hall.  Norm completes the plumbing on the units and delivers them to the end users.   Mahaffey designed the unit with an inner and outer cabinet with insulation in between.  Constant testing and evaluation provides the maximum chilling potential for race engines.  These Cold-Shot Chillers are being used by some of the quickest and fastest racers in todays NHRA and IHRA sportsman drag racing!   

Friday, August 20, 2010

Teaching Safety to the kids

The Roadster and I were out doing what we do best "Teaching Safety" with kids.  This time working with the folks from the University Of Maryland Extension in St. Marys County.  The event was "farm safety day" and was held at the county fair ground in Leonardtown Maryland.  The kids love the Roadster just like they love the fire trucks.  And if they like your rig....they listen to ya!  (60-70 kids)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mahaffey is now on facebook

I finally went on facebook, and have already reconnected to some old fire Department buddies.  You can go on there and see some of my old FD photos and coworkers from the best job in the world.