Friday, October 28, 2011

Shop rebuild is really comming along nicely

 I have done all the work myself, I just like it that way.  I take my time and put forth the extra effort to get it right and then some.  The prolonged rain stretch we've had around here has'nt helped things either.  I love the challenge of building it alone, much in the same way I build my cars.  For me, it's not what you can buy, it's what you can create yourself. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shop rebuild/upgrade is underway

 Irene may have been a blessing!  I always wanted a lift in the shop for under car fabrication, but did'nt have the ceiling hight required.  So I decided to rebuild the damaged area at 12 ft high to give me the room I need.  The other thing I have been wanting is a paint booth.  Again I have decided to use the area (20X24) just past the damage for a paint booth/finishing room/clean room.  Anyway, I have been doing all of the rebuild by myself, because I like it that way.  I've had many offers to help from my Fire Department and Hot Rod buddies, truth is I like doing things myself....go figure.   

Hurricane Irene damages the shop

 Hurricane Irene dropped two lage trees into the shop on 8/28/11.  A forty inch diameter tree crushed thru the roof destorying ten roof truss' and cutting four feet into the wall.  The damaged area did not hurt any cars or equitment, just made a huge mess and alot of work to repair.